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About Micro-Ant


Micro-Ant was founded in 2003. Our company designs and manufactures custom feeds, phased arrays, active and passive antennas, turn-key antenna assemblies, mechanical tracking systems and RF electronic devices.


Recent focus has centered on low profile antennas for applications demanding frequency and polarization diversity. All of our products are manufactured in Micro-Antís facilities located in Jacksonville, FL where we utilize state-of-the-art tools and instrumentation during the design, fabrication, testing and final delivery of all of our products.

"Micro-Ant maximizes the value of its efforts for the benefit of all constituents including customers, suppliers, employees and the community."

- Jim Francis, CEO


Company Differentiators

  • Successful development - Our company history is marked by numerous high performing antenna designs that have been delivered on time and below budget

  • Accurate RF modeling expertise - We utilize the latest RF modeling tools to converge on a solution prior to prototype kickoff

  • Fast prototyping - We utilize both in-house and external fast prototyping capabilities to deliver ahead of expectations

  • Near field range testing - Our in-house near field range is used for validation of our designs

  • Best value pricing - Using key supplier relationships and years of value-driven experience, we work with our customers to position them with a competitive advantage in both pricing and performance

  • Six Sigma and Lean based Manufacturing Principles - Manufacturing and Quality processes for custom and repeat manufacturing are rigorously applied


Key Leadership

Quality Systems

Micro-Ant is staffed with a core group of professionals with a proven track record of success in providing antenna products and systems to the commercial, military, and government markets.

  • James Francis - CEO - 43 years
  • Mike Lynch - President - 31 yrs
  • Dr. Charlie McCarrick - Chief Scientist - 36 yrs
  • Greg Poe - CTO - 16 yrs
  • Dr. Phil Koh - Principal Antenna Design Engineer - 16 yrs
  • Tess Relampagos - CFO - 15 yrs

From design and development to manufacturing production, Micro-Ant is committed to Quality throughout the entire product life cycle. Best business practices include Lean Manufacturing principles, Six-Sigma methodology, and ISO-9000 compliant processes.

Embedded Quality systems and an emphasis on continuous improvement ensures customer requirements and expectations are repeatedly met with maximum results.


Made in the USA

Industries Served

Careers with Micro-Ant

Jacksonville, FL - Corporate HQ

Sterling, VA - Sales Support

DoD, Civil, Intel
Oil and Gas

Micro-Ant HR




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