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Continuous improvement is built into everything we do.


Our capabilities are limited only by your imagination. In fact, many who come to us say that we build products that others say are impossible.
While other manufacturers boast quality as a measure of their performance and use algorithms and models to extract versions for testing to achieve overall performance standards, Micro-Ant builds quality into every step of the process. There are no bottlenecks that cause projects to return to the drawing board. Our products move seamlessly through our engineering and manufacturing process for a reason.


Capabilities Plane Airport


Unlike our competitors, we do not wait until final testing to assess how conditions such as a ground plane, extreme winds, or fluctuating temperatures might affect our products. We design for those conditions in mind and test our products during development against those conditions. Our low-profile airborne products are always tested on a fuselage inside our own facilities.
Micro-Ant Petal Reflector


We develop new configurations, techniques and processes every day to meet the challenging requirements of our military customers. For example, our composite carbon reflectors were developed to achieve the dual challenge of a low RMS surface with ergonomics features such as portability and ease of assembly for almost instantaneous connectivity and deployment.
Flat Panel Antenna


Our machine shop is unrivaled in their ability to meet the requirement for perfect surfaces in our Ku and Ka band antennas. They routinely work together with our engineers to develop new techniques to manufacture our most complex feed assemblies.


There’s no such thing as the middle of nowhere with antennas designed by Micro-Ant. We have decades of experience developing, testing and certifying antennas for marine, airborne and other rugged environments.
Micro-Ant machine shop and personnel
We hand select the brightest talent who live and breathe quality to manage and run the machine shop. All employees are a part of our weekly class on antenna theory and application and are familiar with all of our products and their technical requirements. Our team is goal oriented and has the technical aptitude to ensure the standard for quality is always high.
We have equipped our team with the best tools for automation, inspection and precision high volume production to ensure that we could meet volume demands from 5 to 50,000. Our shop is located in a dedicated 20,000 square foot facility.


Micro-Ant assembles all the products developed for its customers. We know you need the assurance that your products will be built by the right people every time. We rarely experience turnover. Our employees are with us for the long-term and are well trained on a variety of products as well as antenna fundamentals. That means that the same people who built your product yesterday will be here today to bring the same level of competency, care and talent.
Our production is supported with an ERP system that enables long term planning and supply chain management, manufacturing tracking and quality management. We are able to support custom product production in the 200,000+ units per year at our 65,000 square foot production and testing facilities.
Many technology companies come from humble beginnings and Micro-Ant is no exception. We began in the basement of our founder, and today we enjoy extensive operations at our production (45,000 square foot) and manufacturing (20,000 square foot) facilities in Jacksonville Florida. We continue to operate as a family and care for our customers, vendors and employees as our closest friends.
From aviation, maritime, and terrestrial solutions for both commercial and military use, we are the experts in durability, performance and longevity.



(As a subset of our capabilities)



Antennas mounted on airframes such as UAVs and Helicopters are required to have low wind drag and therefore must be packaged in a low-profile or conformal radome. This presents specific challenges to antennas needing high gain and high bandwidth yet still fitting within this height restriction. Often these are mounted to tracking positioners imposing additional mechanical constraints on the antenna such as low weight and small apertures.
These constraints are common regardless of whether the application is defense, medical evacuation, or weather tracking. Micro-Ant is AS9100 certified and capable of manufacturing and testing aviation antennas on-premises.



We have delivered thousands of shipboard antennas including the mechanically tracking apertures and electronically steered arrays. Applications include ship-to-ship, ship-to-land and ship to satellite for both commercial and government vessels.



Automation and real-time connectivity requirements are driving demand for low cost, high-data rate solutions for multivariate environments. Micro-Ant supports industries such as vendor management, agriculture, mining, construction and travel and tourism with innovative, integrated and cost-effective solutions.

Government & Defense

Government & Defense

Micro-Ant provides custom antennas to many government agencies, including the Department of Defense, offering a wide range of man-pack systems operating in the S, X, Ku and Ka frequency bands. All Micro-Ant antennas comply with strict certification standards set by ARSTRAT, FAA, and other agencies. We guide our customers through the certification process until compliance is achieved.
These systems must also adhere to MIL-STD mechanical and environmental specifications.
Weekly training for management, engineering, production, quality and innovation.
Continuous improvement is built into everything we do. Our founder and Chief Science Officer, Charles McCarrick, teaches a weekly class to all of the company’s employees. Topics include fundamentals of electromagnetics, the simplified Fourier Transform, working backward from customer specifications, and all our key products.
This magnetic and entertaining class ensures all employees understand the complexities of antenna design and manufacturing while building a shared language and community across all departments.
Many of our antennas help solve the world’s most complex problems:

From reducing food production costs to combat world hunger, to space exploration, to keeping our planet safe, and to keep you safe while you travel, we have built the best antennas in the world. When you flip the switch, we work, every time. So if there’s a connection, it’s us.

That connection is real and so are we. We are connected to your purpose, your reason for being, both on a professional and on a human level.

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