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The Micro-Ant design build experience.

It starts with your wildest ideas.

First we work to understand your needs and the specifications you desire. We then ensure these are realistic, there is a market for your product and your design is fully understood by you. We craft a variety of different types, shapes, and applications of antennas for the microwave spectrum.
At Micro-Ant we believe in more than probabilities.

We believe in the assurance that quality is more than an assurance of an end product. For us, quality begins the moment we walk in the door, the moment a tool is picked up and the moment a computer screen lights up a display.

Electrical Design

We next work on electrical design – relying on both best practices developed by our team through time AND on new methods and techniques we’ve developed through innovation. We build a variety of form factors drawing upon our top experts to achieve your goal.

Cross-team collaboration.

Next, we simulate the design electrically and then our EEs work together with our MEs to create a design that achieves the electro-magnetic specifications, all while being robust and suitable for the environment and application in which the antenna is expected to perform. We’re used to having to comply with the toughest environmental standards and the need for lightweight, small, elegant solutions.
Iridium Certus Beam Forming Antenna
We manufacture and assemble prototypes in-house and immediately test them in our state-of-the art test facilities.
Our test reports are consistently used for certification by satellite providers, giving you added trust in our capabilities.

Quantities great and small.

We have developed technology that allows us to scale quickly and maximize unit economics. Whether you need half a dozen to ten million, we can deliver. We have the raw materials to manufacture nearly everything in-house, but, if you need us to source unique or custom materials we have relationships with suppliers all over the world and can accommodate almost any need.

Every product works every time.

Our quality and test departments ensure that every single product we release meets the same standards that were used to certify the product. We utilize automated inspection and a team of quality engineers to ensure incoming materials and outgoing product meets the customer’s requirements by qualifying EVERY single component before it leaves the production floor.
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