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Broadband (3.5 GHz) Waveguide Feed Assembly

Micro-Ant manufactures a broad spectrum of waveguide components including reflector feeds, polarizers, OMTs, filters, diplexers and the like. There is growing demand for these assemblies to operate over extended frequency bands, particularly at Ka-Band and to have simultaneous or switchable polarization. We have developed feed assemblies spanning both 17.7-21.2 GHz (RX) and 27.5-31 GHz (TX), or 3.5 GHz for each sub-band.

This technology has been validated for a 30cm reflector requirement, our smallest and toughest, and we have successfully overcome the dual challenge of achieving a stringent axial ratio (X-pol) specifications while achieving ortho-circular polarization for both Tx and Rx in one elegant design. This can now easily be scaled to any size and, in fact, are already doing this for several customers for aviation and terrestrial applications.

Flat Panel Across the Spectrum

Micro-Ant produces many flat panels: spanning from L-band through Ka Band. These antennas are low cost, high performance, extremely robust and serve in many commercial and military applications. Applications include field deployable nodes for passive and active operation, vehicular tracking, and high gain satcom link, to name a few. We have developed over 15 different configurations of flat panels to fit our customer’s needs and have fielded thousands.
Our most recent invention is the the Ka Flat Panel – which is already in production and currently being delivered and fielded. We are certified over both commercial and military bands on INMARSAT (CAT-04 and CAT-01) while maintaining a slim profile and low weight (<8lb). We’re continuing to push ourselves to improve costs, weight, and other performance parameters our customers need. It’s carry-on size and does not require any assembly. Perfect for stealth and covert operations.
A recent exciting flat panel invention is our 8X8 Ka Flat Panel no one in the world has achieved switchable polarization in eight square inches. The panel is modular and can be coupled with other panels to increase gain. This specialized product was developed for a specific operation with LEO satellites and can be purchased off the shelf or modified to spec.

Switched Beam ESAS for maritime, aviation and terrestrial markets

Micro-Ant has successfully developed switched beam ESAs with multiple radiating elements that are combined in groups to achieve hemispherical coverage and near instantaneous tracking and switching between all visible LEO satellites. We have experience developing both the antenna aperture, the hardest part of the design overall, as well as the systems needed to achieve beam switching and power amplification.
The most recently launched product is the maritime Iridium Certus HGA-2. This shipboard antenna has been lauded for its “best-in-class antenna performance” and enabling reliable voice and data connectivity anywhere in the world. These antennas operate on Iridium’s high speed LEO constellation network offering data rates of 800 KPS. Each of the antennas electrically tracks the moving Iridium LEO satellite while searching for the next satellite for “make-before-break” switching all while operating on a moving vehicle either maritime or airborne.
Now, we’re in the process of integrating an aircraft-mounted Certus HGA-2. This airborne L-Band ESA will provide in-air voice connectivity achieving even greater beam agility in a much smaller package.

Parabolic Antennas

Micro-Ant has a long history of designing and manufacturing custom backfire solutions including feeds, polarizers, OMTs, diplexers, filters, and other waveguide components. We consistently achieve high gain and high efficiency and low side lobe levels maximizing EIRPSD and G/T. We have significant experience optimizing for pattern mask requirements in small aperture solutions (as small as 8in) while maintaining high gain.
We’ve also developed solutions for wideband systems, including our newest ultra-wideband Ka antennas covering the entire 3.5 GHz frequency band for both transmit and receive. These new antennas maximize EIRPSD and G/T while meeting ARSTRAT’s stringent axial ratio specification for both Tx and Rx. Over 20 years we have developed hundreds of custom systems and added best practices in design and manufacturing that ensure these systems can operate in the harshest environments with simple and robust assembly features.
Our RF Testing Team are experts at the certification requirements of satellite and government agencies, and they participate in the design and qualification process from the moment we receive the customer specifications. Every antenna that Micro-Ant sells is fully tested before shipping.
We also supply segmented and non-segmented parabolic carbon fiber reflectors manufactured by KORE Composites for man-pack and fly-away antennas that meet stringent reflectivity, rigidity and RMS lacking in many other suppliers’ reflectors.

Custom Solutions for Specialized Applications

Micro-Ant produces a large variety of antennas designed for use in data collection, two-way voice, satellite communication, precision GPS, and many other applications. We have developed solutions that are optimized for environments with a close ground plane (land, maritime or airborne vehicle mounted) and for complex multi-path environments such as asset tracking and meter antennas. Some examples of the variety and complexity of the solutions include:
  • Antennas embedded in electronics for meters and sensors
  • Requirements for low profile for mounting on moving vehicles
  • Wearable antennas
  • Ability to track moving satellites while mounted on a moving vehicle
  • Antennas which track high-speed moving objects
  • Precise phase centers at different frequencies
  • Feeds with two beam angles in the same aperture simultaneously
Our aim is to discover and apply the best solution to the problem at hand and because of this we utilize a variety of antenna archetypes to achieve the requirements of the customer including:
  • Helixes, bifilars, quadrafilars, drooping dipoles
  • Micro-strip, strip-line and patches
  • Arrays utilizing any antenna types
  • Gregorian and Cassegrain Systems
  • Architectures that are original inventions of our team members
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