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Dasha Tyshlek from Micro Ant with Buzz Host Tom Mc-manus sitting at a wooden table with glasses in front of them.

Dasha Tyshlek from Micro-Ant featured on BuzzTV’s “The Horse’s Mouth”

Micro-Ant’s Director of Business Development, Dasha Tyshlek was invited to interview with Tom McManus on Buzz TV.

Although antennas are present in all wireless devices, not all antennas need to be custom designed. Micro-Ant focuses on antenna design where a better-performing antenna in a smaller form factor can significantly improve the overall product. Watch the interview to learn about how Micro-Ant helped reduce the cost of maintaining our water distribution systems and detect leaks and breaks instantaneously.

As our world becomes more and more connected, automated, and wireless, more and more antenna challenges will need to be solved. Micro-Ant is excited about the future with LEO and MEO satellite communications providing an interesting new set of challenges in the design of SatCom Terminals.

To listen to the full interview visit

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