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Jeff Trumble Announced General Manager of Kore Composites. "Meet our new general Manager. Graphic with an image of Jeff Trumble.

Jeff Trumble Announced General Manager of Kore Composites

After 12 years at Micro-Ant, Jeff Trumble has been announced as General Manager of Kore Composites. Jeff has held many roles in his tenure at Micro-Ant, and most recently, he managed the development and launch of Kore Reflectors for several customers.

We spoke to Jeff to learn more about him and what he is most passionate about in his new role.

1) Can you tell me a brief bio: education, background?

I grew up in Jacksonville, FL, and attended the distinguished Douglas Anderson Magnet High School for the Arts. I’ve worked at Micro-Ant for over 12 years and have held roles in the test department, operational management, operational excellence, and COO of Micro-Ant. Most recently, I managed the development and launch of Kore Reflectors for several customers – including participating in DoD witnessed wind load testing and ARSTRAT certification with the customer. I am an avid fisherman in my free time and have never met a cat I don’t love.

2) What are your goals and purpose for this year?

My goal for Kore Composites is to provide the industry with segmented reflector systems that are reliable in field conditions, perform excellently on satellite, and comply with the highest standards. All while being easy to use and assemble under challenging conditions. I am currently focused on launching the new Kore Veritas Standard Segmented Reflectors product line and expanding operations for high-volume production on existing product lines.

3) How long have you been with Micro-Ant, and what was your impact on the company?

I’ve been with Micro-Ant for 12 years. I feel that I’ve had a good impact on the company. It’s afforded me opportunities to grow and lead a team. I couldn’t ask for better development and a better team. I’m proud of the company and excited for the future.

4) What do you love most about Kore Composites?

I love the camaraderie and feeling like you’re part of a team where you belong—feeling like you’re an essential aspect of the company.

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