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KA Band Feed Assembly High Gain Feed System

Micro-Ant and Inmarsat discuss the history of solving SatCom challenges to deliver High-Performing Antennas for Government Users

Charlie and Jim sat down with the Inmarsat Government team to discuss the history of our partnership, joint achievements in Global Xpress and L-Band ELERA programs, and new inventions to look forward to in the new year. 


  • Micro-Ant was the first company to fulfill the challenging antenna performance requirements of the GX program, paving the way for wide access to small terminals like the 65cm and 1m to be widely used and deployed. 
  • Micro-Ant also  developed the L-band Advanced Communications Element (LACE) II, for high speed, L-Band communications on the Alphasat satellite, as well as many other L-Band products for ELERA customers.
  • Most recently, Micro-Ant, L3Harris and Inmarsat partnered to launch the DarkWing Ka Flat Panel, the only flat panel that can operate on both GX and military networks.
  • Looking forward: Micro-Ant and Inmarsat are developing antennas that anticipate Inmarsat’s Technology Roadmap including parabolic and flat panel systems with switchable polarization and ultra-wide band Ka antennas covering the full spectrum of Ka SatCom frequencies. 

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KA Band Feed Assembly High Gain Feed System

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