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Micro-Ant Debuts Kore Composites, “Kore Veritas” Tri-Band Segmented Reflectors and Feeds at SOFI’s 2022 Conference in Tampa, FL

Play Video about SOFIC Video featured image attended the 2022 SOFI Conference in Tampa, FL where they launched Kore Composites “Veritas,” Tri-Band Segmented Reflectors and Feeds. Our award-winning Ultra Wide Band (3.5 GHz) Technology has allowed us to develop high-tech antenna solutions for the defense and intelligence community for over 20 years and recently won the Best New Innovation in Technology Award from SatCom in 2022.
We were able to interact with industry leaders and collaborate on the challenges, initiatives, and way ahead in delivering the most cutting-edge capabilities into the hands of Special Operations Forces (SOF) operators.
What you can expect when working with Micro-Ant:
First, we work to understand your needs and the specifications for your project. Then we ensure these are realistic and determine if there is a market for your product and your design is fully understood by you as well as the opportunities it presents.
We have developed technology that allows us to scale quickly and maximize unit economics. Whether you need half a dozen to ten million, we can deliver.
From product initiation to production and deployment, we work with you every step of the way to ensure your product meets your requirements by qualifying EVERY single component before it leaves the production floor.
For news media, if you are interested in meeting with our team, please contact our PR firm – The Felice Agency at or by calling/texting 619-693-6999.

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