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Micro-Ant Hosts Inventor-Manufacturer Entrepreneurship Conference

I-MEC features lessons from leaders of small and medium-sized companies focused on inventing new products and manufacturing in the USA.

Jacksonville, Fla. (July 12, 2022) – “None of us is as smart as all of us.” The famous quote by Kenneth H. Blanchard is precisely the mindset behind Micro-Ant’s exclusive event created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. The Inventor-Manufacturer Entrepreneurship Conference (I-MEC) will take place at their Jacksonville global headquarters on August 31, 2022, and was created for the benefit of other entrepreneurs and leaders in the inventor/manufacturing community.
Technology inventorship and manufacturing is a complex, costly, and risky endeavor. At I-MEC, successful and would-be entrepreneurs will be able to mix and discuss crucial topics for building a sustainable and scalable business for high-technology manufacturing. Practical hands-on workshops will help business owners/entrepreneurs drive their company growth. Speakers from several industries will be present, including founders of technology manufacturing businesses, technology sales, marketing experts, and published authors.

The agenda for lessons shared by keynote speakers include:

Risk and Reward: Methods for funding growth will include presentations on topics such as bootstrapping, managing financial risk, and preparing your company for a successful exit.
Don’t Share That: Horror stories no one talks about where founders share the stories of how their company and team survived devastating setbacks.
Fix It Now: A series of hands-on workshops by experts in marketing, sales, program management, and strategy to help you immediately make improvements that will help your business grow.

Who you will meet:
Founders of manufacturing companies with businesses that succeeded (generated revenue and profit) over 5-25 years, employed 5-150 people and delivered complex technologies.
Experts in sales, marketing, and technology strategy to help you grow your business.
Investors who are interested in technology-manufacturing businesses.
Up and coming entrepreneurs looking for mentorship and investment opportunities.
Potential suppliers, customers, and talent.

For nearly two decades, Micro-Ant has been designing and manufacturing bespoke antennas and has become a leader in their industry in defense, aviation, maritime, and land. Earlier this year, they received the Satcom Technology of the Year Award. They were recognized as Most Innovative for the successful development of its Ultra-Wide Band (3.5 GHz) Ka Antenna System. The system enables connectivity over extended frequency bands in Ka for roaming across multiple satellite operators in all orbits. Micro-Ant is engaged with various manufacturers to supply these antennas for the O3B mPower MEO constellations and man-pack style terminals for Eutelsat and WGS terminals.

Micro-Ant is looking forward to hosting I-MEC and growing together by leading tomorrow’s manufacturing. For more information on the event, visit

For more information about Micro-Ant, visit For interviews, please contact Tony Felice at 619-693-6999 or Ashlee Singleton at 602-875-5664.

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