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Micro-Ant’s Dasha Tyshlek and James Messink Featured Speakers at the 2023 Via Satellite Conference

Micro-Ant’s Dasha Tyshlek and James Messink Featured Speakers at the 2023 Via Satellite Conference

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (Mar. 1, 2023) – Micro-Ant will attend the 2023 Via Satellite Conference in Washington, D.C., from March 13 to March 16. Since 1981 the SATELLITE has been pivotal in forging the path forward for the space & satellite communities. The speed of the industry’s growth is accelerating, making this year’s event even more important. (Source:

Micro-Ant participated in three panel discussions during the conference. Dasha Tyshlek, Director of Business Development, will discuss Tools, Technologies, and the Will Combat RF Interference. Dasha was recently named a Director of the Satellite Innovation Group (SIG), an organization focused on accelerating the pace of innovation in the industry. The SIG group is focused on four areas of transformation in the industry: 5G, Cloud Infrastructure, Low-Profile Multi-Orbit Terminals, and Interference Reduction. Dasha will also present at the SIG Brunch and Panel on The Biggest Transformations in the Satellite Industry. 

James Messink, Chief Technology Officer, will discuss New Low-Profile Antenna Designs for the Mobility Sector. James loves the intricacies and unique design of antenna electromagnetics and the art of electromechanical antenna design. One of his favorite things about working at Micro-Ant is the ability to lead a team of exceptional antenna and mechanical engineers and provide a solution to problems nobody else can solve.

Micro-Ant debuted their Kore Veritas Standard Series Segmented Reflectors designed and built by their subsidiary Kore Composites. This technology is designed specifically for man-pack and flyaway terminal requirements. The reflectors are manufactured of carbon fiber embedded in resin with no conductor to operate. They can be configured into robust and rigid field-ready tri-band terminals. 

KORE Composites was created to address quality and quantity issues and produce a superior product that can perform in the most rugged environments. They recently announced their newly appointed General Manager, Jeff Trumble, who has held many roles in his 12-year tenure at Micro-Ant. Most recently, he managed the development and launch of Kore Composites Reflectors for several customers. 

Satellite 2023’s Participating companies represent the entire ecosystem of manufacturers, service providers, and integrators serving all technology end-user markets. Micro-Ant is thrilled to be a part of this year’s conference. 

For more information about Micro-Ant, visit For more information about Kore Composites, visit For more information about AQYR Technologies, please visit For interviews, please contact Tony Felice at 619-693-6999 or Ashlee Singleton at 602-875-5664.

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