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Micro-Ant Wins SatCom Tech of the Year Award

Micro-Ant Wins SatCom Technology of the Year Award


Contact: Tony Felice via phone or text: 619-693-6999


Ultra-Wide Band System Development Recognized as Most Innovative

Jacksonville, Fla. (April 6, 2022)–Micro-Ant ( today announced it has won the Innovation of the Year Award for the successful development of its Ultra-Wide Band (3.5 GHz) Ka Antenna System. The system enables connectivity over extended frequency bands in Ka for roaming across multiple satellite operators in all orbits. 

James Messink (CTO) and Dasha Tyshlek (Dir. Business Development) received the award on behalf of the team on Tuesday, March 29, at the SIG Annual Workshop Award Ceremony. Dasha Tyshlek responded: “We’re honored to win this award and receive recognition for developing this solution which we believe is a first for the industry. Developing this technology required rigor and tremendous teamwork between our engineers and with the manufacturing team as well.”

The awards celebrate the impressive contributions that companies, individuals, and educational institutions have made to help the satellite communications industry. The complete list of winners includes Micro-Ant, Kacific Broadband Satellites Ltd and GuarantCo Ltd, Spaceport Cornwall, and Joakim Espeland, CEO, QuadSAT. Additional details can be found at

Key highlights include: 

The project to develop Ultra-Wide Band Ka systems was initiated in 2019. The first units (30cm, airborne version for UAV applications) were tested for certification in December 2021.

The Ultra Wide-Band Ka system covers the entire Ka SatCom frequency range from 17.7-21.2 GHz (RX) and 27.5-31 GHz (TX). 

This technology unlocks the ability of mechanically steered antennas to utilize High Throughput (HTP) satellites in LEO, MEO, and GEO orbits.

Achieving the axial ratio requirement across the band (<1dB on both Receive and Transmit) required innovations from the antenna engineering department and new techniques to be developed by the Micro-Ant manufacturing team that would maintain the tolerances required on the critical components.

Micro-Ant is engaged with multiple manufacturers to supply these antennas for the O3B mPower MEO constellations and for man-pack style terminals for Eutelsat and WGS terminals.

For more information about Micro-Ant, visit: For interviews, please contact Tony Felice at 619-693-6999.


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About Micro-Ant

Founded in 2003, Micro-Ant designs (ISO 9001 Certified) develops and manufactures custom antennas for land, maritime and aerospace applications operating within the Microwave Frequency Spectrum, including UHF, L, S, C, X, Ku, and Ka-bands. 

We are scientists who have mastered the art of antenna design and engineering. We stop at nothing to make our customer’s ideas become a reality. We have built more than 1,000 bespoke products that make a difference in people’s lives all over the world. And they are certainly delivered on budget and on time, but more importantly, they work EVERY TIME and in the often harsh environments in which they are expected to perform.

Micro-Ant develops intellectual property for various applications, including 2-way SATCOM, COTM, aircraft antennas, SDARS, DVB, and GPS. Products include phased arrays, patches, parabolic and flat-panel antennas, and low-profile active antennas. The staff has significant expertise in this field and holds strategic patents.

Micro-Ant has developed a proprietary process to push the boundaries of what is physically capable. We seamlessly integrate engineering with large-scale production manufacturing. We test each and every component on the line as it’s being manufactured. Quality is built into each and every step.

Our world-class engineering design and manufacturing facilities are located in Jacksonville, Florida. For more information, visit us online at

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